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Advanced Estate Planning

Balancing Competing Interests of your Children and a Second Spouse in the Family Home

John and Jane are in their 60s and have been in a de facto relationship for 10 years. They have both been married previously and each have adult children from a previous relationship. John entered the relationship with significantly more assets than Jane, including the home they now live in. John wants to ensure that in the event of his death...

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What is an Appointment of Enduring Guardian

An Appointment of Enduring Guardian is a document pursuant to which you appoint a person(s) to make health and lifestyle decisions on your behalf when/if you are no longer able to make those decisions yourself due to illness or unsoundness of mind. Unless the guardian's authority is restricted, a guardian may: decide where you ...

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Why Asset Protection is Fundamental to Every Advanced Estate Plan

Is Asset Protection Relevant for Me? We all work hard to accumulate wealth to fund our lifestyle and retirement and tp provide a head start for our loved ones but most people do not take adequate steps to protect their wealth from unforeseen events or third party claims,. People who carry on a business, have an "at risk" profess...

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Testamentary Capacity. When does a person lack the ability to make a valid Will?

What is "testamentary capacity"? The legal test for assessing testamentary capacity was outlined almost 150 years ago in a case called Banks v Goodfellow (1870) LR QB 549. The test has four (4) aspects to it, namely: 1. That the willmaker understands the nature of the act of making a Will and its effects, 2. That the wil...

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Advanced Estate Planning: Simple Legal Solutions


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Advanced Estate Planning is planning to:

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  • Generate wealth in a flexible and tax friendly environment, and
  • Meet your loved ones' financial needs in the event of your untimely death, illness or injury.


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This Guide deals with the following common Estate Planning considerations and how to manage them:

Asset Protection
Discretionary Trusts
Loans to Related Businesses and Family Members
Future Inheritances
Business Risks
Business Succession Planning
Wills creating Testamentary Trusts
Family Law Property Orders
Contested Wills Claims




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