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Advanced Estate Planning for Business Owners

What good is a Will if you lose all your assets during your lifetime? Modern Estate Planning includes planning for the preservation of your wealth during your lifetime as well as planning for the succession of that wealth to intended beneficiaries in the most advantageous manner upon death. It requires a careful assessment of you and your int...

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What is a Shareholders' Agreement?

Introduction to Business Succession Planning What is a Buy/Sell Option Agreemeny? Why do I need a Buy/Sell Option Agreement? How We Help What is a Shareholders' Agreement A Shareholders' Agreement (similar to a Partnership Agreement) is an Agreement between two (2) or more co-o...

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Introduction to Business Succession Planning

Congratulations on taking the first step to protect your interest in your co-owned business. Business Succession Planning is essential for protecting your interest in a co-owned business and is an integral part of every business co-owner's individual Estate Planning. "Business Succession Planning" means: Plannin...

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June 2017 SOP Amendments - Sending Payment Claims or Payment Schedules by Email or Fax

With the increasing use of emails both for communications and for sending and receiving documents, it is becoming common for businesses to send tax invoices by email.  Perhaps in light of this growing trend, there have been some recent amendments to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) in relation to ...

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Our Senior Commercial Lawyers have experience in dealing with a range of corporate governance issues and small and large company mergers and acquisitions. Roberts Legal recently assisted two (2) business co-owners who had been approached by private equity investors to conclude a complex merger deal worth $18 million.

Our Corporate & Commercial Lawyers can assist you with:

  • Advice on Director's duties and liability
  • Corporate Governance
  • Executive Employment Contracts
  • Business mergers, sales and acquisitions
  • Tax advice
  • Director indemnity, access and insurance agreements
  • Share buy backs


Success Stories


"Building Services Contractor sells controlling interested to Private Equity company in complex $15 million deal".

"Software developer sells intellectual property to public come in $6 million once-in-a-lifetime deal".

"Clients cash in on once in a lifetime sale of business after trading for only three years."


    Roberts Legal can help you identify and assess all implications in relation to any corporate transaction and work closely with experienced accountants to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved for clients in all respects.


Business & Company Lawyers


      Sam Roberts

  Accredited Specialist
(Commercial Litigation)

Matthew Bryan

Special Counsel

Amanda Crosbie

Associate Solicitor


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