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Why Use a Solicitor for your Conveyancing

Solicitors Vs Conveyancers The conveyancing industry is now a highly competitive market. While the prices for performing conveyancing work used to be regulated, once that regulation was abolished, the increased presence of Conveyancers and the continued undercutting of competitors' prices has resulted in the widespread undervaluing of...

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Preparing for an Auction

The sale of a property by auction refers to a process of marketing a property to prospective Buyers to be sold on a particular date to the person willing to pay the highest price for the property provided that that price is greater than the owner's reserve price.   Preparing for an Auction If you are considering purchasin...

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How Should You Own Property? - Asset Structuring

An important preliminary step in buying a property is deciding how you want to own the property.   Why Now? If you neglect to consider the structure of your ownership of a property at an early stage you may find that it is too late to change later and encounter delays and/or additional costs. For example, if you have: ...

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Is Your Business Ready for Sale?

Is Your Business Ready for Sale? Early Legal Considerations To ensure that a Business Sale Contract can be promptly submitted to your eventual buyer following negotiation of a price and sale terms, you should consider the following and provide us with early instructions to address any matters and/or to prepare a draft Business Sale Con...

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Buying & Selling Property




No one likes telling the story about the one that got away, or worse still, the one they bought at Auction but shouldn't have.

Talk to us today and ensure you are ready to pounce when you find your dream home or ideal investment property.  

There are many important things to consider before you start looking for a property or applying for a loan, like:

  • what is your risk profile and will your investment be protected, and

  • should you buy in your name, your partner's name, both names or through a trust.

Don't get caught out.

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The Ultimate Conveyancing Guide


The Ultimate Conveyancing Guide is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to buying residential property in New South Wales.

The aim of this Guide is to assist buyers to more fully prepare themselves to buy residential property and understand the legal issues and procedures involved. Read more...

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How We Help


Our friendly Property Lawyers have extensive experience in buying and selling real property (both residential and commercial). We strive to always be available to answer your questions and guide you in making the right decisions so that your sale or purchase will be the smoothest property transaction you'll ever have.

Unlike a Conveyancer, our Property Lawyers are qualified to advise you broadly in relation to Contract & Property Law, Asset Structuring, Estate Planning and Tax Law.

Why Use a Solicitor


Government Grants & Stamp Duty Exemptions/Concessions


If you are buying a residential property or vacant land on which you intend to build a new home in New South Wales you may be eligible for a Government Grant or Stamp Duty Exemption or Concession. Read more...


Property Inspection Checklist


We recommend using a Property Inspection Checklist when initially inspecting properties to ensure that you do not overlook any aspects of a property that you may regret later.

Click here to download our Property Inspection Checklist now.


Making an Offer


Once you have found a property and are ready to make an offer use this Form of Offer to submit your offer to the Seller or their Agent.

See Step 4 of The Ultimate Conveyancing Guide.


Instructing Us to Act


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