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Letter to Existing Customer with New Terms & Conditions of Trade

We suggest that you use the following Letter Template to submit your new Credit Applications and disclose your new Terms & Conditions of Trade to your existing recurring Customers. Download our Guide to Making Effective Business Contracts: Incorporating Terms & Conditions of Trade ______________________________________________...

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Can I apply for Spousal Maintenance if I was in a de facto relationship?

Yes. If your de facto relationship can be classified as a de facto relationship under the Family Law Act, and you meet the requirements for Spousal Maintenance under the Act, you may be entitled to Spousal Maintenance. Important Disclaimer ...

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Balancing Competing Interests of your Children and a Second Spouse in the Family Home

John and Jane are in their 60s and have been in a de facto relationship for 10 years. They have both been married previously and each have adult children from a previous relationship. John entered the relationship with significantly more assets than Jane, including the home they now live in. John wants to ensure that in the event of his death...

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Implications for Self Ownership where the Business Equity is owned by a Related Entity

Introduction to Business Succession Planning What is a Buy/Sell Option Agreement? Why do I need a Buy/Sell Option Agreement? What is a Shareholders' Agreement? Why do I need a Shareholders' Agreement (Partnership Agreement)? Funding the Purchase Price under...

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