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Debt Collection

Dealing with Bad Debtors

The best way to deal with bad debtors is to implement standard contracts and procedures within your business to actively reduce or eliminate them in future. A contract will exist when your business agrees to perform works or supply goods for reward regardless of whether the contract is in writing. The incorporation of standard terms and condi...

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Final Notice - Overdue Account Letter Template

Giving a Final Notice to a Debtor An effective Overdue Account Letter is an essential component of every businesses Debtor Management Procedure.   For a free Sample Debtor Management Procedure download Fast Track Debt Collection's "6 Steps to Improving Cashflow: A Guide to B...

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Debt Recovery




Many businesses waste their valuable time chasing debtors on the telephone and sending letters that just get ignored.

Roberts Legal can provide your business with practical advice with strategies for recovering debts owed to you. Our objective is always to identify and assess any dispute then recover the debt quickly.

Expert Debt Collection!

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How we help



We understand that you have better things to do than get involved in drawn out Court proceedings. Our experienced Solicitors can assist you with all stages of the debt recovery process including; drafting effective letters of demand, liaising and negotiating with debtors, commencing Court proceedings (drafting Statements of Claim), acting in relation to defended Court proceedings and enforcing Judgments once entered.

We have an excellent success rate of recovering debts and negotiating favourable outcomes for our clients.

Disputed Debts

  If the debt is genuinely disputed the best outcome is often a commercial compromise. This means that whilst you might not receive the full amount of the debt you will avoid some of the costs, delays and headaches that can be associated with defended Court proceedings. A negotiated compromise can also be documented in such a way so as to created additional securities (guarantees) and will eliminate costs associated with defended Court proceedings if the settlement agreement is breached.


Roberts Legal can help your business focus on the big picture in relation to debt recovery. Not only do we have simple, efficient and cost effective solutions to chasing your bad debtors, we help our clients put in place preventative measures to ensure that their quoting and contracting procedures will reduce the number and consequences of bad debtors in the future.

Unlike most debt collection companies, Fast Track Debt Collection also provides a unique debt buying service for individual business related debts.

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Fast Track Debt Collection


Roberts Legal is associated with and shares common ownership with Fast Track Debt Collection. Fast Track Debt Collection offers a specialist debt collection service for businesses in New South Wales and acts on a 'No Collect, No Fee" commission basis.

If your debt is not disputed consider using Fast Track Debt Collection to "Show You The Money"!

If Fast Track Debt Collection does not collect, you don't pay, it's that simple. Where payment cannot be recovered without the need for Court action, Fast Track Debt Collection will seek your authority to engage Roberts Legal to act in relation to that Court action. If this occurs, we will evaluate whether we are prepared to act without a guarantee of payment of our fees on a case by case basis. If your debt is disputed you should consider engaging Roberts Legal directly.

Debt Buying


Unlike most debt collection companies, Fast Track Debt Collection also provides a unique debt buying service for individual business related debts. For more information visit


Our Debt Recovery Lawyers


Sam Roberts

Accredited Specialist (Commercial Litigation)

Matthew Bryan

Special Counsel

Felicity Donald

Senior Associate Solicitor

Amanda Crosbie

Senior Associate Solicitor

Rebecca Wosman



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