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Newcastle Specialist Litigation practice appoints new Special Counsel

Roberts Legal, a leading Newcastle Commercial Litigation practice, has announced the appointment of Matthew Bryan as Special Counsel. Mr Bryan is a former partner of an established Newcastle commercial law practice and is well known in the legal fraternity as a formidable adversary in litigation matters. Mr Bryan brings with him ...

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Why ignorance of loan balances can lead to tax nightmares. Legal solutions exist.

Do you own a private company? Have you received payments not accounted for as wages or salaries this financial year? As 30 June approaches it is time to ensure your business affairs are in order. This includes ensuring you have Division 7A Loan Agreements in place, where necessary.   What is Division 7A? Division 7A of th...

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Advanced Estate Planning for Business Owners

What good is a Will if you lose all your assets during your lifetime? Modern Estate Planning includes planning for the preservation of your wealth during your lifetime as well as planning for the succession of that wealth to intended beneficiaries in the most advantageous manner upon death. It requires a careful assessment of you and your int...

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Why do I need a Shareholders' Agreement (Partnership Agreement)?

Introduction to Business Succession Planning What is a Buy/Sell Option Agreement? Why do I need a Buy/Sell Option Agreement? What is a Shareholders' Agreement? How We Help Why do I need a Shareholders' Agreement (Partnership Agreement)? Anyone who is a co-owner in a bu...

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Employment Law


Employment Law can have a significant impact on any person. It ranges from advice on employment contracts to unfair dismissal cases. There are also significant issues in relation to harassment and workplace discriminations. 

For employers you have obligations in relation to employees. There is a vast array of legislation in all of these areas. Don't delay getting advice about these issues, being proactive is crucial. 


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How We Help

  Roberts Legal's Employment and Industrial Relations Lawyers have experience in assisting both employers and employees in a broad range of workplace issues. We understand and value the importance our clients place on establishing and maintaining cohesive, constructive employment relationships. In an area of law that is constantly changing we will ensure that we provide you with clear, concise, timely legal advice to enable you to make informed commercial decisions.



We are able to assist Employers with:

  • Interpreting and drafting Contracts of Employment including post-employment restraint clauses,
  • Fair Work Act,
  • National Employment Standards,
  • Award Interpretation and application,
  • Termination of Employment,
  • Unfair Dismissal claims under the Fair Work Act,
  • Small Business Fair Dismissal Code,
  • Unlawful Dismissal,
  • Sale of business and transferring employee issues.



We are able to assist employees with:

  • Workplace harassment,
  • National Employment Standards and the new minimum entitlements,
  • Termination of Employment,
  • Unfair Dismissal claims under the Fair Work Act,
  • Unlawful Dismissal.


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