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Family Law

What are the implications of not documenting an informal property settlement?

If you decide to informally document your property settlement you should be aware that your former partner can change their mind and apply to the Court for a property settlement that is different to the one agreed to. If your partner's financial circumstances change, for example, they are diagnosed with an illness or they are no longer ab...

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What is the time limit for making a property settlement?

Married couples that separate can formalise a Property Settlement at any time after separation. There is no requirements that the parties need to be Divorced at the time of the Property Settlement. However, once parties are Divorced there is a 12 month limitation period that applies. This means if you are not able to reach an agreement with y...

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What can I do to avoid costly Court proceedings?

Most family law matters are resolved by negotiation and agreement. You should obtain advice from a Family Law Solicitor at an early stage to assist you in your negotiations with your former partner. If you are able to reach an agreement with your former partner, either directly or via your Solicitor, the agreement should be recorded in a Bind...

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What if I have children under 18 years of age?

Until the Court makes an order both parents can make decisions in relation to a child, even if the child is not living with them. The Court can make an order deciding if both parents have equal parental responsibility or if one parent will have sole parental responsibility. There is a presumption that equal parental responsibility will ap...

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Family & De Facto Law


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How We Help


Marriage or relationship breakdown is one of the most stressful life events that you will encounter.  Getting through it and successfully moving on will depend on many things, including the compassion, ability and experience of your Family Lawyer.

We understand the difficulties often encountered by parties involved in Family Law disputes and assist our clients to achieve both short and long term objectives.

If your aim is to get things resolved fairly and quickly so that you can get on with life and/or make a fresh start, call now to speak to one our Family Lawyers.

If you are starting a new relationship we can also assist with Binding Financial Agreements (Prenuptial Agreements), Mutual Wills and Estate Planning.


Recently Separated


If you have recently separated you may be experiencing frustration or anxiety in relation to:

  • Who is going to remain in the family home,
  • Maintaining access to your children,
  • Income support (Spousal Maintenance),
  • Child Support, and
  • Maintaining repayments in relation to joint expenses (Mortgage, school fees etc).

Our Lawyers will provide you with practical advice and assist to you navigate and resolve these problems including by negotiation, preliminary agreements, mediation, Consent Orders, arbitration or Family Court proceedings.

If you have recently separated you should also speak to us about:

    • Making a new Will and Superannuation Binding Death Benefit Nomination,
    • Revoking Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardian,
    • Severing Joint Tenancies in relation to co-owned property and investments.



    Property & Divorce


    Once preliminary matters are adequately addressed we will help you start your new life by:

      • Finalising a Property Settlement,
      • Finalising Spousal Maintenance arrangements, where necessary, and
      • Obtaining a Divorce Order.



      Children's Issues


      Issues with children can arise following separation or at any time whilst your child remains a minor. We can provide advice and assist you in relation to:

        • Where your children will reside,
        • What contact you and your ex will have,
        • Child Support payments,
        • Reviewing Parenting Arrangements, and
        • Relocation and travel issues and more.



        Our Family Law Lawyers


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        How we charge


        We offer flexible fee structures and payment arrangements for our clients including:

          • A once-off fixed fee initial consultation ($275 incl. GST) to get you started in Family Law,
          • Hourly rates or negotiated fixed fees for each stage of your matter.


          Our Family Lawyers will discuss our fees and charges with you and will provide an estimate of the fees and charges likely to arise in your matter.


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