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Growing Your Business by Franchising: Are you ready to become a parent?

In recent decades Franchising has become a common way for entrepreneurs to expand their existing businesses and for individuals to start a business that is perceived to be less likely to fail. Since the 1970's Franchising has revolutionised retailing in Australia, and provided small business proprietors with competitive resources to compe...

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Do you take this Franchisor to be... "I do". Are you ready to sign a Franchise Agreement?

Buying a Franchise is a bit like getting married. You are making a long term legal commitment to another party who you hopefully know and can trust. The failure of the marriage can have significant financial implications. However, unlike a marriage, where around 50% of your assets are at risk if it breaks down, you could lose everything if th...

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Franchising: Lessons for the Unwary

Over the years I have advised both Franchisors and Franchisees in relation to Franchise Agreements and Franchising issues generally and have also acted in relation to numerous disputes on behalf of Franchisees. You may be surprised by these are some real life examples of what I have seen happen: A Franchisor induced a Franchisee to re...

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If you are thinking about Franchising Your Business, or Buying or Selling a Franchised Business there are a number of key considerations. We assist franchisees and franchisors right around NSW as well as those looking to get into Franchising.

Assistance is a must when negotiating through a Franchising Agreement. 

Don't get caught out by the legal technicalities that bring many people undone on the franchising journey.


Before making your next franchising move - Speak to us. 

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Franchise Articles


Are you ready to sign a Franchise Agreement?

Franchising: Lessons for the Unwary

Growing Your Business by Franchising


New Franchisees & Franchisors


Before buying a franchise or franchising your business it is important that you fully investigate and understand your rights and obligations and the nature of the relationship that exists between Franchisors and Franchisees. We work closely with the Franchising Professionals to help our clients assess and appreciate the practical aspects of owning and operating a franchise business.

As a prospective Franchisee it is essential that you independently investigate and assess the franchise business and all representations made by the Franchisor in promoting the Franchise.


How we help


Our Commercial Lawyers can assist Franchisees and Franchisors in relation to:

  • Buying and Selling Franchised businesses,
  • Drafting or advising on Franchise Agreements and Disclosure documents,
  • Advice in relation to Corporate Structuring & Intellectual Property rights,
  • Advice in relation to the Franchising Code of Conduct,
  • Prior Representation Deeds,
  • Reviewing and advising on incidental Leases and Rights of Re-entry Deeds, and
  • Mediation under the Franchising Code of Conduct.



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