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What is a Shareholders' Agreement?

Introduction to Business Succession Planning What is a Buy/Sell Option Agreemeny? Why do I need a Buy/Sell Option Agreement? How We Help What is a Shareholders' Agreement A Shareholders' Agreement (similar to a Partnership Agreement) is an Agreement between two (2) or more co-o...

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Letter to Existing Customers with New Terms & Conditions of Trade

Thank you for ordering a TradeSafe Contracts Package. We suggest that you use the following Letter Template to submit your new Credit Applications and disclose your new Terms & Conditions of Trade to your existing recurring Customers. Download our Guide to Making Effective Business Contracts: Incorporating Terms & Conditions of Tr...

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What is a Buy/Sell Option Agreement?

Introduction to Business Succession Planning How We Help What is a Buy/Sell Option Agreement? A Buy/Sell Option Agreement is an agreement between co-owners of a business granting each other options to buy or sell their respective interests upon the occurrence of specified Option Events. The Option Events are typically:...

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June 2017 SOP Amendments - Sending Payment Claims or Payment Schedules by Email or Fax

With the increasing use of emails both for communications and for sending and receiving documents, it is becoming common for businesses to send tax invoices by email.  Perhaps in light of this growing trend, there have been some recent amendments to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) in relation to ...

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How to reduce Business Risks and create Value


Unmanaged Risks leave you exposed and reduce Business Value when it's time to sell.

If there was a simple legal solution to an obvious risk that you haven't addressed or appreciated the significance of, wouldn't you do something about it?


Free Business Risk Consult.

Find out what you should be doing to improve your business.


Reduce Business Risks and Create Value


We now offer a complimentary Business Review & Risk Consultation for clients and referrals.

Discuss your business with our Accredited Specialist (Commercial Litigation), Sam Roberts, for up to 90 minutes and get his valuable insights into the risks relevant to your business and personal circumstances, the reality of ignoring or procrastinating about them and the latest risk mitigation options and strategies available. Bring your co-owners or partner. Find out how reducing business risks will create value for your business.

We will address the following and more:

Current Issues

Business & Asset Structuring

Management Agreements

Shareholder Loans

Finance & Securities

Leases & Continuing Agreements

Litigation & Insurance

Everyday Contracts

Limitation & Exclusion Clauses

Credit Management & Bad Debts


Intellectual Property


Company Law & Insolvency

Business Succession Planning

Sam Roberts



Sam Roberts is a recognised expert in Commercial Litigation. His practice is focused on acting for companies, business owners and insolvency practitioners in relation to the resolution of disputes, recovery of monies and mitigation of commercial risks. Read more...


Free Business Risk Consult


If you've never had an expert Commercial Lawyer consider all the legal matters that impact on your business and advise you how to reduce business and personal risks and create business value, book your Free Business Risk Consult now.


Optional written Report


If at the end of the Consult you would like Sam to confirm his advices or any part of it, we may charge you for this Report at Sam's standard hourly rate capped at $750 plus GST.




Have you considered?

  • What problems do you think a buyer would identify if your business was currently for sale?
  • What if there are simple legal solutions to obvious risks that should be addressed? What if you didn't know about them or appreciate the gravity of the risk?
  • What if you could reduce your tax and protect your assets at the same time?
  • What would happen if the business became liable to pay compensation or damages or if something happened that made the business insolvent?
  • How important is it to you to know that your personal assets, family and lifestyle are protected from business risks?
  • How much more confident would you be in business and easier it would be to sell your business if you knew you had all your legal affairs in order?




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