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Family Law

What is the time limit for making a property settlement?

Married couples that separate can formalise a Property Settlement at any time after separation. There is no requirements that the parties need to be Divorced at the time of the Property Settlement. However, once parties are Divorced there is a 12 month limitation period that applies. This means if you are not able to reach an agreement with y...

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What if I have children under 18 years of age?

Until the Court makes an order both parents can make decisions in relation to a child, even if the child is not living with them. The Court can make an order deciding if both parents have equal parental responsibility or if one parent will have sole parental responsibility. There is a presumption that equal parental responsibility will ap...

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What should I do if I am thinking of separating?

Make a note of the date of separation even if you and your partner remained living under the same roof following separation. Both you and your partner will be required to make full and frank financial disclosure as part of any property settlement proceedings. Start a folder and collect you and your former partner's recent Superannuati...

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What are the implications of not documenting an informal property settlement?

If you decide to informally document your property settlement you should be aware that your former partner can change their mind and apply to the Court for a property settlement that is different to the one agreed to. If your partner's financial circumstances change, for example, they are diagnosed with an illness or they are no longer ab...

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Anna can attend a Mediation as your legal representative or facilitate a Mediation as Mediator. She operates a specialist Family Dispute Resolution practice called 'Blue Sky Mediation'.

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