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Natasha Smith

Associate Solicitor, BLJS, LLB DipLegPrac, GradDip(FDRP), M.App(Family Law)


About Natasha

Natasha is an Associate Solicitor with Roberts Legal.  She joined the firm in July 2017. Natasha was admitted to the roll of Solicitors of the Supreme Court in February 2010 and March 2010 to the High Court of Australia Register of Practitioners.

Natasha is an experienced Solicitor having practiced predominantly in the areas of Family Law, Property Law, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, Deceased Estates and Estate Planning.  Her practice is focused on advising and assisting clients to identify and resolve issues and disputes in relation to relationship breakdown, child support, divorce, spousal maintenance and end of life and guardianship issues. Natasha is able to quickly and efficiently assist clients with sensitivity and understanding.


Practice Areas



The breakdown of a family is a life changing event. Clients come to me on the worst day of their lives, when their world is turning upside down. I take the time to listen to my clients and from that I am able to assist them during this difficult time by giving support and up to date advice and guidance.



Natasha was admitted as a Solicitor in 2010 having completed degrees in Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies and Bachelor of Laws at Southern Cross University, and a Diploma of Legal Practice. In 2017 Natasha completed a Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice. She also holds a Masters of Applied Law (Family Law) awarded to her by the College of Law.



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