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TradeSafe Contracts

How to View Hidden Text in Word Documents

These instructions will help you view the hidden instructions contained in our Quotation Templates, Engagement Letter Tempates and Contract Variation Forms.
Download Guide to Making Effective Business Contracts - Contractors & Suppliers Download Guide to Making Effective Business Contracts - Business & Professional Services...

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How Can TradeSafe Contracts Benefit your Business?

Not only will TradeSafe Contracts assist your business to look more professional in the eyes of potential new clients, it will reduce the risk and consequences of bad debts and disputes. By making contracts incorporating relevant Terms & Conditions of Trade you can also: Obtain personal guarantees or other security for payment...

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Consequences of Not Making Effective Business Contracts

As an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation I have dealt with all kinds of business disputes. By far the most common cause of commercial disputes is the failure of the parties to adequately record the terms of their agreement in writing. This is particularly common in the building and construction industry.   When there ...

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Letter to Existing Customer with New Terms & Conditions of Trade

We suggest that you use the following Letter Template to submit your new Credit Applications and disclose your new Terms & Conditions of Trade to your existing recurring Customers. Download our Guide to Making Effective Business Contracts: Incorporating Terms & Conditions of Trade ______________________________________________...

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Our fixed fee for the preparation of a TradeSafe Contracts package is $2,750.00 (GST inclusive).

A $275.00 deposit is payable on submitting your Order. The balance is due 14 days after delivery.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to negotiate alternate payment terms.


How to Order

To Order a TradeSafe Contracts package for your business simply:


Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not totally satisfied that your TradeSafe Contracts package adequately addresses all legal matters and risks concerning your business, contact us within 14 days of delivery and we will happily incorporate any necessary amendments free of charge.





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Please ensure that all sections of the Order Form are fully completed so that the TradeSafe Contracts package can be prepared promptly. The Roberts Legal - Terms & Conditions of Legal Service (Effective1 July 2015) will apply to the Agreement arising from your submission of the Order Form.


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