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Professional Negligence

Debt collection referral for an old Judgment leads to fast recovery for client.

Debt collection referral for 16 year old Judgment leads to negligence claim against country Solicitor and fast recovery for client. A debt collection agent referred a client seeking to enforce a Victorian District Court Judgment debt of approximately $120,000 (including interest) that was 16 years old. The client had made unsuccessful att...

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Professional Negligence


If you have suffered loss or damage as a result of poor professional advice or mismanagement of your affairs, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Professional Negligence Claims



Professionals such as Solicitors, Accountants, Financial Planners, Engineers and Valuers owe their clients a legal duty of care.

Where a professional advisor fails to exercise reasonable care and skill when providing you with advice or managing your affairs you may have a right to compensation if that failure caused you to suffer a foreseeable financial loss.

If your professional advisor has breached their duty of care you are entitled to recover compensation in the amount that will put you back in your original financial position.


How We Help



Our Professional Negligence Team is headed by an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation.

Our Professional Negligence Lawyers have extensive experience advising clients and resolving professional negligence claims swiftly.

We invest time to fully assess the strengths and weaknesses of your legal position to properly advise and assist you to identify real and favourable outcomes and develop a strategy for achieving those outcomes without the need for Court proceedings, where possible.

In most cases we are able to negotiate a favourable settlement of your claim with the responsible professional's insurer.


Types of Claims


We can assist with claims relating to:

  • Poor legal advice or legal oversights by Solicitors,
  • Poor, mistaken or misleading financial advice,
  • Accounting errors,
  • Engineering mistakes,
  • Incorrect property valuations.

No Win No Fee


People who have suffered loss as a result of professional negligence can often not afford legal costs of pursuing a claim for compensation. In many cases, we assist by acting on a No Win No Fee basis.

Call us to find out if you are eligible for our No Win No Fee guarantee.


Success Stories


"Debt collection referral for 16 year old Judgment leads to negligence claim against country Solicitor and fast recovery for client".

"Client seeking insolvency advice walks away happy after Roberts Legal identified and settled a claim for professional negligence against the previous Solicitor".



Professional Negligence Lawyers


Sam Roberts

Accredited Specialist (Commercial Litigation)

Matthew Bryan

Special Counsel

Felicity Donald

Senior Associate Solicitor


   Amanda Crosbie

   Associate Solicitor



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