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How Should You Own Property? - Asset Structuring

An important preliminary step in buying a property is deciding how you want to own the property.   Why Now? If you neglect to consider the structure of your ownership of a property at an early stage you may find that it is too late to change later and encounter delays and/or additional costs. For example, if you have: ...

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Preparing for an Auction

The sale of a property by auction refers to a process of marketing a property to prospective Buyers to be sold on a particular date to the person willing to pay the highest price for the property provided that that price is greater than the owner's reserve price.   Preparing for an Auction If you are considering purchasin...

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Why Use a Solicitor for your Conveyancing

Solicitors Vs Conveyancers The conveyancing industry is now a highly competitive market. While the prices for performing conveyancing work used to be regulated, once that regulation was abolished, the increased presence of Conveyancers and the continued undercutting of competitors' prices has resulted in the widespread undervaluing of...

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Avoiding Being Gazumped

What is Gazumping? Gazumping is when you have a verbal agreement with an Agent or Seller to buy a property at an agreed price but the property is not sold to you in the end. This usually happens when the Seller has decided to sell the property to someone else, usually for a higher amount. Gazumping is not a common occurrence, howe...

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Property Development


When dealing with property developments it is important to avoid delays and costly disputes. Often assistance is needed with a small or large land subdivision, unit or commercial development project

If you are not sure how to deal with investors and partners, adjoining property owners, council or lenders than reach out before a complex problem arises.

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How We Help


Roberts Legal's experienced Property Lawyers assist clients with all issues and dealings incidental to the development of properties. Our clients include developers and owners of small commercial properties to property developers of large residential and commercial sites.

We can assist you in relation to your existing or proposed property investment or development including with:

  • Property acquisitions and sales including off the plan sales
  • Torrens title and Strata title subdivisions
  • Title investigation and advice including old system, qualified and limited titles
  • Advice in relation to tax and project structuring
  • Drafting and reviewing Joint Venture, Partnership and Shareholder Agreements
  • Leasing and Agreements to Lease
  • Finance and re-financing
  • Disputes with Council
  • Liquor licensing
  • Easements, Restrictions on Title and Rights of Way 
  • Drafting and advising on contracts and agreements
  • Advice in relation to tax including GST, Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty
  • Advice in relation to building and construction contracts and disputes

We pride ourselves on being available to our clients and providing efficient legal services.




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