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Estate Planning Basics

Why you do NOT need a Testamentary Trust Will (Will creating Asset Protection Trusts)

The simple answer is that when you die your worries will be over. Wills creating Asset Protection Trusts (also known as Testamentary Trusts) only benefit a person's intended beneficiaries. However, if it is your intention to leave your assets to your intended beneficiaries in the most advantageous manner for them upon your debt then you s...

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Generation Planning: Protect Your Inheritance - Simple Legal Solutions

Sue is married with two (2) adult children and a grandchild on the way. Sue operates a small business as a sole trader. Sue is an only child and expects that she will soon receive a substantial inheritance from her elderly mother. Sue seeks legal advice as to what she should do to ensure her and her family receive the maximum benefit from h...

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How to Bulletproof a Will from Family Provision Claims

Recently SBS Insight addressed the topic of "Making a Will".  The programme explored how the family provision laws under the Succession Act 2006 (NSW) enables a Court to effectively rewrite a person's Will where it is found that an inadequate provision has been made for an eligible person.      ...

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When to Review your Estate Planning

It is important that you keep your Estate Planning up-to-date as your circumstances change and that you are confident that nothing has been overlooked. To help you better undertand the issues relevant to Advanced Estate Planning, in 2016 we released "Advanced Estate Planning - Simple Legal Solutions". This Guide deals w...

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There are four crucial things you need in place when preparing for the un-thinkable. These include an up to date will, an up to date Power of Attorney, an up to date Appointment of Enduring Guardian, and personal insurances, where necessary. 


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