Home Building Law 23/01/2018 by Amanda Crosbie

Can I still Recover Payment for Variations and Extras where there is No Written and Signed Contract Variation?

If you enter into a contract with a home owner to undertake residential building work and the contract price exceeds $5,000.00, then the Home Building Act provides that any variation must be in writing and signed by both parties prior to the variation works commencing. If a variation is not in writing and signed by both […]

Home Building Law 23/01/2018 by Amanda Crosbie

My house is incomplete and the builder is delaying, what can I do?

If works to your home remain incomplete after the period that the contract stipulates works ought to be complete, then it is likely that the builder is in breach of the contract. Most contracts will require that a home owner give the builder a notice particularising the breach and provide that the builder has a […]

Home Building Law 23/01/2018 by Amanda Crosbie

When Can I Claim Under a Policy of Insurance Under the Home Building Compensation Fund?

Insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund is required to be obtained by a builder entering into a residential building contract of greater than $20,000 with a home owner prior to commencing any work under that contract. Insurance policies under the Home Building Compensation Fund provide a set period of cover for loss caused by […]

Home Building Law 21/01/2018 by Ned Mortensen

How to resolve disputes about residential building contracts.

Disputes as to the timeliness, quality, value and compliance of works in residential building contracts are all too frequent. Commonly, relatively simple disputes get out of hand quickly as emotions run high and parties seek to “hit the other where it hurts”. Home owners refuse to pay and builders refuse to build. If you’re a […]

Business & Company 25/10/2017 by Sam Roberts

Private Sale of Industry Leading Holiday Rentals Booking Management Software Business to Public Listed Company a Breeze.

Midac Technologies Pty Limited (“Midac”) started up in 1981 in Sydney and pioneered early “smart building” direct digital control technology. In 1994 Midac made an early start developing online software and solutions. The then Dungog based business was instrumental in encouraging and assisting many organizations to make their online debut, including large corporate entities like […]

Family Law 24/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

Why I will never tell you an “informal property agreement is the way to go…”

We understand that you may not want to rock the boat.  You have finally reached an agreement. You’re happy, your ex partner is happy, you just want to keep it amicable and move on. Here is why you should consider rocking the boat Informal Property Settlements NOT Binding The Family Court Rules provides that any […]

Family Law 19/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

What to do if your ex won’t move out.

“Our relationship has ended but my ex-partner won’t move out of the house that we own [or rent].” When a relationship is over one of the hardest decisions will be who leaves. Both you and your spouse or ex-partner are entitled to live in your home after separation regardless of whose name is on the […]

Family Law 24/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

Is my Ex entitled to my financial documents?

The exchange of financial information and documents is a standard first step in most matters as it allows a Balance Sheet to be drawn up and for the parties and their lawyers to establish what is available for division in the family law matter. The exchange of documents ensures that each party is aware of […]

Family Law 24/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

Family Law and Financial Advisors

When separating clients come to me, the first and foremost thing on their mind is typically their future and current financial certainty. That is what Financial Advisors endeavour to give their clients every day. And this is a task that Family Lawyers are unable to do. When clients have experienced Financial Advisors assisting them it […]

Family Law 18/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

Family Law Mediation. What happens if I say No?

Family Law Mediation is also called Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR“) and is the first step in parenting proceedings in most parenting matters. Before commencing Court action, a party must provide a Certificate from an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to say that the parties have made a genuine attempt at mediation. There are some exceptions […]

Family Law 13/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

Cyber safety and domestic violence: Tips for staying safe online

Recently there has been a lot of press and coverage regarding Snapchat’s most recent upgrade which has a map/location function. And quite frankly it terrifies me. You may not be aware but many of the apps on your phone have a location tool, which can be great when you need to know which restaurant is […]

Family Law 13/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

I want to move my child away from my ex partner, can I?

There are several issues that need to be considered, so unfortunately there is no clear cut yes or no answer. Basically it depends… Unless there is an Order for sole Parental Responsibility you are required to agree on issues which effect the long term well being of your children with the other parent. This includes […]