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Property & Estates 27/08/2013 by Anna Roberts

Pre-empting Contested Wills Claims

What is a Contested Wills Claim? A Contested Wills Claim (more commonly know as a family provision claim) is a claim made by an “eligible person” against your Estate Assets after your death. The Succession Act 2006 empowers the Courts to make Orders in effect remaking a person’s Will where the “eligible person” has been […]

Property & Estates 16/08/2013 by Sam Roberts

Why Asset Protection is fundamental to proper Estate Planning

Is Asset Protection Relevant for Me? We all work hard to accumulate wealth to fund our lifestyle and retirement and tp provide a head start for our loved ones but most people do not take adequate steps to protect their wealth from unforeseen events or third party claims,. People who carry on a business, have […]

Property & Estates 12/09/2012 by Sam Roberts

Why you do NOT need a Testamentary Trust Will (Will creating Asset Protection Trusts)

The simple answer is that when you die your worries will be over. Wills creating Asset Protection Trusts (also known as Testamentary Trusts) only benefit a person’s intended beneficiaries. However, if it is your intention to leave your assets to your intended beneficiaries in the most advantageous manner for them upon your debt then you […]

Property & Estates 15/02/2012 by Anna Roberts

Wills & Asset Protection Trusts: Why your beneficiary’s circumstances are as important as yours

What is an Asset Protection Trust? (also known as a Testamentary Trust) An Asset Protection Trust is simply a Trust created by a valid Will and funded by Estate Assets. The Trust commences when the Executor finishes administering the Estate. There a many different types of Testamentary Trusts that can be established in a Will. Most Asset […]

Property & Estates 15/02/2012 by Anna Roberts

Don’t Risk more then you can Afford to lose: Personal Insurance Planning

What is Personal Insurance Planning? What would happen to you and your loved ones if for any reason you were unable to continue to earn an income? How long could you and your family maintain your current lifestyle or afford to make repayments on your house or investment loans? Your ability to earn an income […]

Property & Estates 15/02/2012 by Anna Roberts

Planning for the forseeable: Why appoint an Attorney & Guardian?

What if I suffer a serious injury, illness or trauma? Fundamental to every Modern Estate Plan is considering what will happen to you and your loved ones in the event that you suffered from a serious injury, illness or trauma during your lifetime. This involves: the appointment of trusted persons to act as your attorney […]

Property & Estates 15/02/2012 by Anna Roberts

An Introduction to Advanced Estate Planning

What is Advanced Estate Planning? Advanced Estate Planning is not just about making a Will, Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardian. Advanced Estate Planning is planning for the preservation of your wealth during your lifetime as well as planning for the succession of that wealth to your intended beneficiaries in the most advantageous […]

Property & Estates 14/02/2012 by Anna Roberts

Sophie’s Lost Inheritance

Sophie’s parents’ Wills were apparently straightforward. Under terms of the Wills, everything her parents owned was left to the surviving parent and then, in the event that both her parents had died, the Wills divided their assets equally between Sophie and her brother. When Sophie was (not so happily) married to David, David’s business needed […]