The Ultimate Conveyancing Guide

Buy with confidence. Don’t get caught out.

Buying a property involves making one of the most important decisions that you will have to make in your lifetime and is not something that should be rushed into.

It typically involves making a commitment to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars and undertaking obligations to make repayments to a Lender over a number of decades.

The aim of this Guide is to:

  • Assist Buyers to more fully understand the things they need to address before buying a property so that they are better
    prepared and are more likely to be the successful Buyer when two (2) or more people are interested in purchasing a
    particular property, and
  • To educate Buyers in relation to the legal issues and procedures involved in buying property in NSW.

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Once you have determined how you will own the property and arranged conditional finance approval, the following Steps to Buying Residential Property will usually follow.

These steps are covered in detail in The Ultimate Conveyancing Guide.
  • STEP 1   –   Finding a Property
  • STEP 2   –   Asking for a Contract for Sale and Purchase of Land
  • STEP 3   –   Negotiating a Price
  • STEP 4   –  Holding Deposit
  • STEP 5   –   Sales Advice
  • STEP 6   –   Contacting your Solicitor
  • STEP 7   –   Obtaining Unconditional Loan Approval
  • STEP 8   –   Pre-Purchase Inspections & Reports
  • STEP 9   –   Contract Review and Negotiations
  • STEP 10  –   Signing a counterpart Contract
  • STEP 11  –   Exchange of Contracts
  • STEP 12  –   Paying the Deposit
  • STEP 13  –   Deciding whether or not to Cool Off
  • STEP 14  –   Loan and Mortgage Documents
  • STEP 15  –   Protecting your Unregistered Interests
  • STEP 16  –   Searches & Enquiries
  • STEP 17  –   Requisitions
  • STEP 18  –   Preparing a Transfer
  • STEP 19  –   Stamping the Contract and Transfer
  • STEP 20  –   Submitting a Transfer
  • STEP 21  –   Settlement Adjustments
  • STEP 22  –   Organising Home and Contents Insurance
  • STEP 23  –   Cheque Directions
  • STEP 24  –   Preparing for Settlement
  • STEP 25  –   Final Inspection
  • STEP 26  –   Final Search
  • STEP 27  –   Attending Settlement
  • STEP 28  –   Collecting the Keys
  • STEP 29  –   Moving In
  • STEP 30  –   Notifications of Authorities of Change of Ownership.

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Scott Pfeiffer

This is by far the most comprehensive and useful Guide to purchasing property I have ever seen. Any purchaser who uses The Ultimate Conveyancing Guide will be better informed and have a much more enjoyable purchasing experience.”

Scott Pfeiffer

Adele Martin

There is a myriad of information to consider when purchasing a property and it can often be a very daunting and overwhelming experience. This Guide helps to take the confusion and stress out of one of the biggest financial decisions my clients will make”.

Adele Martin

David Johns

I’ve just gone through the Guide and without a doubt it’s the best I have ever seen”.

David Johns

Everything you need to know about buying a property in New South Wales and where to begin.

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