Success Stories

Father defends estranged Daughter’s challenge to Grandmother’s Will on grounds of lack of testamentary capacity and claim for Family Provision Order.

The client was the Executor of his mother’s Estate (“the Client”). He sought a grant of probate in relation to what he considered to be her last valid will (“the Will”).  At the time that the Will was made, the Client’s mother (“the Deceased”) intended that her Estate would go to the Client and his sister in equal shares, subject to the Client’s sister having a right to occupy the deceased’s home for the rest of her life.

Private Equity deal goes sour after years of trading. Complex misleading and deceptive conduct case settled before Court action necessary.

The directors sold the majority of their holding in the service company to a venture capital firm, on the understanding that the firm would develop and grow the business and substantially increase the value of the client’s remaining shares. Following the acquisition however, the service company experienced a significant drop in revenue which had the effect of devaluing the company.

Medical Fit Out claim under Security of Payment Law and major defects litigation avoided. Injunction and Supreme Court Declaration that no reference date meant Adjudication Determination was void.

The client was a medical professional who had engaged a builder to complete a commercial fit out of his new premises. The builder’s form of contract was poor. In addition, the builder had made pre-contractual representations to the effect that it had significant experience, would take care of everything and that the client didn’t need to worry about anything.