Success Stories

Downer Mining

Jeremy Kennedy acted on behalf of Downer Mining in 35 unfair dismissal applications commenced by the CFMEU on behalf of mining workers terminated from Boggabri Mine due to loss of mining contract and downsizing of workforce. Jeremy negotiated a successful outcome including the redeployment of the majority of the workforce to other Downer Mining sites.

Downer Mining (Boggabri Mine)

Jeremy Kennedy acted on behalf of Downer Mining in relation to an industrial dispute arising from a proposed changes to shift/roster where industrial action was taken on the basis of a Work Health & Safety risk due to a high percentage of the work force being drive in drive out with long distances to travel […]

Downer Mining (Wambo Coal Mine)

Undertook a significant investigation into allegations of fraud involving mine resources for personal use by an employee in the construction of his own home where evidence of impropriety was forensically identified, and the employee terminated and with a police investigation being undertaken.

International Gaming Technologies Australia Limited

Jeremy Kennedy acted in Federal Court proceedings commenced by an employee terminated for failing to attend a medical examination with respect to Work Health & Safety risks by the employer when the request was made as a lawful direction. The Court’s Judgment resulted in a precedent case for employers to have the power to make […]

Boeing Australia Limited

Jeremy Kennedy undertook an internal investigation against senior managers in relation to alleged culture of bullying behaviour at a Boeing regional site resulting in a significant report and recommendations on requirements for cultural change and potential liabilities. All of the investigations and recommendations were actioned by the client and resulted in disciplinary proceedings being taken […]

Forbes Local Council

Jeremy Kennedy provided advice in relation to proceedings commenced by former Work Health & Safety Manager with respect to unfair dismissal, unlawful termination when terminated following a worker’s compensation claim. Negotiations resulted in the exit of the manager with no payment of compensation or damages based upon expert medical evidence obtained.

Roper Golf Regional Council

Jeremy Kennedy acted on behalf of the Council in respect of a General Protections claim commenced by the former General Manager on his termination for breaches of the Council’s Code of Conduct and financial approvals policy. Proceedings were struck out based upon submissions to the Federal Court disclosing no proper cause of action under the […]

Hunternet Group Cooperative Pty Limited

Jeremy Kennedy acted in a General Protections /Adverse Action matter commenced by an apprentice on the basis of discriminatory conduct with respect to disability and his exercise of his right to take leave. Jeremy produced a significant and detailed response to the claim, resulting in the proceedings being withdrawn / discontinued.

Port of Newcastle

Jeremy Kennedy acted in relation to investigation into fire and explosion at Kooragang Wharf 4 when a large gantry crane was being demolished and hot works caused a conveyor belt to catch on fire. This included investigation by the Coroner, SafeWork NSW and NSW Department of Environment. As a result of the legal response to […]

Newcastle Stevedores Pty Limited

Jeremy Kennedy acted on behalf of Newcastle Stevedores in a multi-faceted investigation by Workcover NSW, Australian Maritime Safety Authority and the Police/ Coroner in relation to a fatality occurring on board a ship whilst loading for the transport of aluminium ingots where a stevedore was fatally injured when the ingot packs collapsed in the ship’s […]

Lake Coal Pty Ltd / Chain Valley Mine / LD Operations Pty Ltd

Jeremy Kennedy acted on behalf of the mine operator and related entities and officers in the Department of Mine’s investigation and prosecution against multiple entities following an underground fatality involving a large slab of coal falling upon an operator. The matter involved a two (2) year investigation and 45 records of interview and formal responses […]

Idemitsu Coal Ltd (Boggabri Coal)

Jeremy Kennedy acted on behalf of Boggabri Coal in relation to response to an investigation by the Department of Mines with respect to a fatality involving a third-party contractor’s employee who was killed in an incident involving an elevated lift platform (ELP). The outcome involved no prosecution against Idemitsu / Boggabri Coal as the PCBU […]

Yancoal Ltd (Ashton Coal)

Jeremy Kennedy acted on behalf of Ashton Coal and Yancoal and the companies Directors / Officers in relation to a high-pressure drilling incident involving a third-party contractor’s employee who was severely injured. This included a two (2) year investigation by the Department of Mines. The matter involved attending interviews of some 25 witnesses and responding […]

Recovery Orders and Issues with medicating children

The client has an autistic child who was medicated by his prescribing paediatrician. The father of the child was refusing to allow the mother to give the child the prescribed mediation and then refused to return the child to the mother telling her she was unsafe and was “drugging” the child. He wanted to use […]

Quick Cheap Resolution of Residential Building Dispute.

The clients were home owners and were having extreme difficulty getting their builder to complete the residential building works so they could obtain an Occupation Certificate and move back into their home which was being renovated. After a strong concise Letter of Demand from our office, and confirmation that our clients would not provide any […]

Somethings you shouldn’t DIY

The client and his wife had attempted to negotiate the Court process themselves and were having difficulties. They had managed to agree to a “fair settlement” between them but then they wanted to obtain consent orders from the Court to avoid paying stamp duty on the transfers. The client came to us with the Court […]

Fast and easy property settlement

The client was a wife in need of assistance in sorting out a property settlement between herself and her husband. They had separated amicably enough but now things were getting tricky, as the husband had inherited money and spent the majority on “boy toys” but had also spent some of it on some minor improvements […]