Natasha is an Associate Solicitor with Roberts Legal. She joined the firm in July 2017. Natasha was admitted to the roll of Solicitors of the Supreme Court in February 2010 and March 2010 to the High Court of Australia Register of Practitioners.

Natasha is an experienced Solicitor having practiced predominantly in the areas of Family Law, Property Law, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, Deceased Estates and Estate Planning.

Her practice is focused on advising and assisting clients to identify and resolve issues and disputes in relation to relationship breakdown, child support, divorce, spousal maintenance and end of life and guardianship issues. Natasha is able to quickly and efficiently assist clients with sensitivity and understanding.


The breakdown of a family is a life changing event. Clients come to me on the worst day of their lives, when their world is turning upside down. I take the time to listen to my clients and from that I am able to assist them during this difficult time by giving support and up to date advice and guidance.


Natasha was admitted as a Solicitor in 2010 having completed degrees in Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies; Bachelor of Laws at Southern Cross University, and a Diploma of Legal Practice.

In 2017 Natasha completed a Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice. She also holds a Masters of Applied Law (Family Law) awarded to her by the College of Law.


Articles by Natasha

Family Law
23/09/2018 by Natasha Smith

Who gets the ring when an engagement ends?

The shine and sparkle from the engagement is gone, but the ring is here to stay. Who gets the ring when an engagement ends? While the ring is sometimes the most expensive item to purchase for a wedding, it usually only holds sentimental value in property settlements. So, who gets the ring?? Well it depends. […]

Family Law
19/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

What to do if your ex won’t move out.

“Our relationship has ended but my ex-partner won’t move out of the house that we own [or rent].” When a relationship is over one of the hardest decisions will be who leaves. Both you and your spouse or ex-partner are entitled to live in your home after separation regardless of whose name is on the […]

Family Law
24/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

Is my Ex entitled to my financial documents?

The exchange of financial information and documents is a standard first step in most matters as it allows a Balance Sheet to be drawn up and for the parties and their lawyers to establish what is available for division in the family law matter. The exchange of documents ensures that each party is aware of […]

Family Law
24/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

Family Law and Financial Advisors

When separating clients come to me, the first and foremost thing on their mind is typically their future and current financial certainty. That is what Financial Advisors endeavour to give their clients every day. And this is a task that Family Lawyers are unable to do. When clients have experienced Financial Advisors assisting them it […]

Family Law
18/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

Family Law Mediation. What happens if I say No?

Family Law Mediation is also called Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR“) and is the first step in parenting proceedings in most parenting matters. Before commencing Court action, a party must provide a Certificate from an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to say that the parties have made a genuine attempt at mediation. There are some exceptions […]

Family Law
13/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

Cyber safety and domestic violence: Tips for staying safe online

Recently there has been a lot of press and coverage regarding Snapchat’s most recent upgrade which has a map/location function. And quite frankly it terrifies me. You may not be aware but many of the apps on your phone have a location tool, which can be great when you need to know which restaurant is […]

Family Law
13/07/2017 by Natasha Smith

I want to move my child away from my ex partner, can I?

There are several issues that need to be considered, so unfortunately there is no clear cut yes or no answer. Basically it depends… Unless there is an Order for sole Parental Responsibility you are required to agree on issues which effect the long term well being of your children with the other parent. This includes […]

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Success Stories

Recovery Orders and Issues with mediating children

The client has an autistic child who was medicated by his prescribing pediatrician. The father of the child was refusing to allow the mother to give the child the prescribed mediation and then refused to return the child to the mother telling her she was unsafe and was “drugging” the child. He wanted to use […]

Somethings you shouldn’t DIY

The client and his wife had attempted to negotiate the Court process themselves and were having difficulties. They had managed to agree to a “fair settlement” between them but then they wanted to obtain consent orders from the Court to avoid paying stamp duty on the transfers. The client came to us with the Court […]

Fast and easy property settlement

The client was a wife in need of assistance in sorting out a property settlement between herself and her husband. They had separated amicably enough but now things were getting tricky, as the husband had inherited money and spent the majority on “boy toys” but had also spent some of it on some minor improvements […]

A child in danger!

A very distressed father came to me needing assistance and advice. He strongly suspected that the mother of the child was using drugs and in a violent relationship with her current partner. The client had decided that it was too dangerous to return the child to the mother’s residence. We commenced proceedings and were able […]

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We have been able to secure our children’s safety and future

Natasha Smith has been the leader for our family case. Her support and sound advice when ever we require. With Natasha by our family’s side we have been able to secure our children’s safety and future.

Jessica Radisich

Natasha helped me to see my daughter again.

I first called Roberts Legal desperate to see my daughter after the breakdown of my relationship.

At first I was unsure of my rights but Natasha carefully guided me through the Family Law Court process and consent orders were made allowing me to see my daughter again and stay in regular contact.

I couldn’t be happier with the support from Natasha and the Roberts legal team.

John Hitchens

Help through a stressful situation.

Thank you for your help , Natasha. Your professionalism and friendly nature made an otherwise stressful situation bearable. I really felt like I had someone in my corner. Thanks so much.

Lisa Holdworth