When to Review your Estate Planning

Property & Estates 10/08/2016 by Anna Roberts

It is important that you keep your Estate Planning up-to-date as your circumstances change and that you are confident that nothing has been overlooked.

To help you better undertand the issues relevant to Advanced Estate Planning, in 2016 we released “Advanced Estate Planning – Simple Legal Solutions“.

This Guide deals with the following common Estate Planning considerations and how to manage them:

  • Asset Protection
  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Loans to Related Businesses and Family Members
  • Future Inheritances
  • Business Risks
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Wills creating Tesamentary Trusts
  • Superannuation
  • Family Law Property Orders
  • Contested Wills Claims

Advanced Estate Planning

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When to Review

You should speak to an experienced Estate Planning Lawyer about the need to review your Estate Planning if:

  • You consider that any matters addressed in our Guide apply to you and have not previously been addressed.
  • You or any of your intended beneficiaries are an ‘at risk‘ person.
  • You are about to acquire an additional asset or investment.
  • You are planning to start a new business or other enterprise.
  • You are a co-owner of an existing business, property or investment.
  • You are an owner of a business that you would not be prepared to walk away from.
  • You carry on a business as a sole trader or in partnership personally.
  • You wish to establish or wind up a Family Discretionary Trust.
  • You have made loans to, or are owed money from, a related entity or family member.
  • You are about to get married or start a de-facto relationship.
  • You have separated from your spouse or de-factor partner.
  • You have children to a previous relationship.
  • You want to ensure that your future beneficiaries are able to maximise the benefit of their inheritances and minimise tax.
  • Your circumstances have otherwise changed since you last reviewed your Estate Planning.